About Me :: husband, father, occasional musician, martial artist, full stack web developer. More here or contact me on LinkedIn if you're interested in working together.

Code Snippets

Download via SSH :: How to download a file from a remote server on command line via SSH
Ordinal Suffix :: A PHP function to add an ordinal suffix to a number.
IntelliJ IDEA Community as a snap :: How to install and run IntelliJIdea
JS - rounding :: Rounding a number to 2 decimal places.


Using git on Linux :: Quick look at the most commonly used git commands and an overview of the basic workflow.
Laravel and User Roles :: Bootstrapping a Laravel app with different dashboards for different user roles.
Bresenham's line algorithm :: Given two sets of coordinates, find all points on an approximate line between the two.

Fun Stuff

Chaos Game :: A javascript implementation of the `Chaos Game`.
Table Sorter :: A simple jQuery table sorter plugin.